Want an 'Insider' edge, to discover the best travel lifestyle experiences in usual and unusual places in the world?

Not enough time to wander, browse and get to discover a place for yourself, or need to know where to start?

Hate being one of the herd when you travel? Hate being an outsider or a tourist?

Want to be part of the insider crowd, and “live like a local” in your lifestyle, even if it’s only for a few days, or a few weeks?

Then read on…..!

Photo by Azlin Ahmed

This is not a travel, shopping or restaurant guide (you can find those yourselves).

It won’t show you historical monuments (though they may appear from time to time).

What it will do, is provide you with the key (or ChI in the Japanese martial arts term) to how to experience the well-kept insider lifestyle secrets of a city, and to find the best that is on offer, including the most amazing chocolate-covered coffee beans in the world (Rome), the coolest cafes to people-watch from (Athens), the most interesting boutiques in Barcelona, what to wear to a wedding in Beirut, how to survive with style in Islamabad, where to go for a rural, mountain Italian Christmas when tired of the same old ski resorts or too lazy to have to cope with the exercise - all in some of the world’s most fantastic places!

Whether you are there for three days, three weeks, for three months – The Chic Insider will help you experience the most, wherever you want to be!

If you see yourself as a Citizen of the World, and want to make it your own back yard, read on……

Author: Emma Hooper

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