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Why us?


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The consultant team include:

Chris Griffiths:
Chris has many years marketing experience and took an initial interest in marketing on the internet back in 1993. In 1994 he set up an Internet business and has been developing his personal interest in this field ever since. Chris does seminars and lectures on the subject around Britain and if you wish to attend any please let us know and we will keep you informed of the next seminars or lectures in your area.

Phil Plascott, Robert Evans, Stewart Bird, Joanne McKinstry, David Burnell.

The monitoring team include:

Jo McCarthy:
Jo has been monitoring and applying her knowledge in an hands on application for nearly two years. She has developed many skills and understands how the essentials of e-marketing can be achieved. Jo will be the head of the team that works on the actual marketing work you, or the consultants may suggest as necessary.

Along with Tracey Owen, Kim Kirkpatrick, and other members of the team they will ensure your work is done promptly and that you are informed of the completion.

The Project Management team include:

Alan Riley:
Alan has been involved in this area for some time. He will be leading a team of project managers who will be given responsibility for various aspects of your web development. When your job is accepted you will be informed of the name of your Project Manager and they will then become your communication point. All project managers have their own direct email account that a client will be able to use to communicate with them.

Along with Barbara Limacher, Bryn Williams, and an ever growing team you will be in good hands.

The IT research & development team include:

This team are continually monitoring all the IT and design issues and reporting to the consultants what can be achieved and how difficult these aspects are and how long they will take to develop. They are p[roviding much information for this web site to ensure businesses know just what they can achieve.

Robert Ireland, Dave Armstrong, Gareth Hargreaves, Kevin Wright, Colin Ward.

Unit 3, St Asaph Business Park, St Asaph. LL17 0LJ
Tel: 01745 584869
Email: enquiries@e-facilitate.co.uk